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Indiana Meat Packers & Processors Association is an organization for meat packers in Indiana and Kentucky, our suppliers & friends of the association. We hope to gain knowledge and friendship from each other.

IMPPA is an active association that hosts educational sessions, trainings, meat plant and supplier tours, demonstrations, webinars, quarterly newsletters, and active social media accounts.

Are you a meat packer or in a related industry and interested in joining? Visit the page that fits your linked below.

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Sometimes things don’t go the way we planned. It may seem like you have no control. The one thing you can always control is how you react. If you need help coping, reach out to someone you trust. You can always find more resources and information on the Purdue Extension Farm Stress Team Website
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Today is the day!
Join us in an informative look at the basics of grant writing especially navigating

On December 2 at 2PM ET, Christi Southerland of Prosperity Ag will discuss “Grant-Writing Basics &” This webinar will walk attendees through the registration process and discuss common issues and roadblocks. AAMP encourages attendees to review the walkthrough manual ( and begin the registration process.

You can register for this event by clicking here: Remember, if you are unable to attend the live event, you can register and be alerted when the webinars are added to our website.

We have some great educational opportunities this week IMPPA!

Wednesday, 11/30/22 @ 2:00 PM EST
“How to Evaluate and Select Hell Yea Talent”

Friday, 12/2/22 @ 2:00 PM EST
“Grant Writing Basics and”

Check your e-mail or contact Darla at darla@dewigmeats.con or 812-768-6208 for more information!

USDA decreases Pork Checkoff assessment rate

The USDA decreases the current Pork Checkoff assessment rate of 0.40 percent of the market value of all pigs sold in the U.S. to 0.35 percent.

In the Federal Register, The U.S. Department of Agriculture published a preview of its final rule to decrease the current Pork Checkoff assessment rate of 0.40 percent (40 cents per $100) of the market value of all pigs sold in the United States to 0.35 percent. The final rule also decreases assessments on imported pork and pork products to bring importer assessments in line with those paid by domestic producers. This assessment decrease was recommended by the National Pork Producers delegate body, which voted on the issue during its annual meeting held in Louisville, Ky., on March 9-11, 2022.

The final rule decreasing the assessment is previewed in the Federal Register. The final rule is scheduled to be published officially in the Federal Register on November 4, 2022 and will be effective on January 1, 2023. The decreased assessment rate reflects the delegate body’s desire to lessen the assessment burden on producers. Assessments on imported pork and pork products are established by formula each year, based on U.S. market prices for hogs. Assessments on domestic and imported pork are authorized by the Pork Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Act of 1985. The assessments fund promotion, research, and consumer education activities designed to strengthen the position of pork in the marketplace.

The change will decrease the annual funding of the promotion, research, and consumer information program by an estimated $13.5 million annually.

Source: USDA

We couldn’t have been more excited to present Robert “Bob” Culler as the first ever, and namesake, of the Robert Culoer Outstanding Service Award.

IMPPA President, Sam Gettinger had the honor to present Bob the award at our last regional meeting. Sam also got to speak about the great work Bob does for IMPPA.

IMPPA is a better organization, thanks to Bob. ❤️

📣Thank you to MaincaUSA for being a GOLD SPONSOR of our "Growing Your Indiana Agriculture Business" regional meetings which were held Sept. 23 & 30, 2022. ...

The October 2022 Newsletter should be arriving at your location in the next few days!

Check out the fun from the 2022 AAMP Convention along with a Grant Update, Purdue's Food Safety Week, The Calm Before the Storm by Purdue Farm Stress Team, Pork Checkoff, Indiana Grown, Purdue Job Hiring and more!

You can also visit the Members Only portion of the IMPPA website to access a virtual copy of the newsletter. Contact Darla if you need password help.

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